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Do you write? Then you need Editing by Emily! Here's how it works:
(1) You write.
(2) I review and edit, making improvements and correcting errors.
(3) You send your writing out into the world, looking eloquent, intelligent, and professional. 

Personal Service


We'll discuss your document and expectations so I can provide the precise services you're looking for. 

Reasonable Rates


My rates are customized for your document and editing needs.

I offer free estimates

free sample edits, and a

25% student discount! 



I'll take care to preserve your ideas, nuances, and voice.

You're the author.


No matter what type of document you're writing, you'll want it to make a positive impact by being clear, organized, and free of grammatical errors. That's where I come in.
I'm a copy editor: a grammar and writing professional who's in your corner—working for you to reveal your writing at its best. 
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